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Affordable Apartments Program

The Affordable Apartment Program offers newer apartments in better locations for reasonable monthly rents.

These KETTLER Communities can be found in over 26 locations around the Washington Metropolitan area. Please ask a Leasing Consultant for a complete list of communities. This program offers lower monthly rents based on maximum income limitations as determined by family size.

Who is eligible? You will be asked and are required to complete forms that request your income level, family size, student status and financial assets. These factors determine your eligibility to rent a smart living apartment and pay a more affordable rent.

The maximum allowable income is based on the number of people in your household. All income is counted, including interest earned on bank accounts and possible imputed income on assets such as real estate, etc. The maximum income level is determined by Department of Housing and Urban Development for each metropolitan statistical area. These apartments are set aside for households earning no more than fifty or sixty percent of the median income. Each KETTLER community will vary in the number and type of apartments set aside for each income level. If your income exceeds the level listed below, your leasing consultant may be able to refer you to another KETTLER community for which you may qualify. Each year, you must re-certify your income and family size before being offered any extension or renewal of your lease. The KETTLER Management team will be happy to help you by providing the necessary forms and assisting you with the application process.