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Kettler Advisory Services

Whether you’re a lender, land owner, investor or developer, Kettler has the internal team in place to perform any real estate service you need and maximize value as Kettler has done for over 33 years.

Kettler Inc. is a full-service real estate company that has been in business for over 33 years. Led by Robert C. Kettler, the company is fully-staffed and capable of providing a broad range of advisory services for all property types at any stage of development. Kettler is able to leverage its existing relationships to achieve the maximum value for any real estate project.

Company Highlights

  • Entitled, designed, engineered and developed 25 projects comprising of 35,000 lots
  • Developed 8 championship golf courses
  • Manages existing portfolio of nearly 2,500 residential lots
  • Entitled, designed, developed and engineered land for more than 20 million square feet of commercial space
  • Constructed 2.3 million square feet of commercial space
  • Currently owns and manages over 1.7 million square feet of commercial and retail space in Northern Virginia
  • Developed, acquired and renovated or planned and zoned 13,000 multifamily apartment units
  • Developed 2,500 condominium units with a gross sales value of nearly $1 billion
  • Currently manages more than 16,000 multifamily rental units in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and New Jersey
  • Manages 8,000 units as a third party manager. Third party portfolio has grown from 300 units to 8,000 units over the past 36 months