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Wheeler Creek 900 Varney Street, SE, washington, DC, 20032
900 Varney Street, SE
washington, DC 20032
Phone: 202-562-1859

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Built in 2000, Wheeler Creek offers both apartment and townhome rentals. Our spacious one bedroom, one bathroom apartments are restricted to seniors. Our one, two, three and four bedroom townhomes are not age restricted and provide convenient family-style living. Wheeler Creek participates in an affordable apartment program. This program offers lower monthly rents based on maximum income limitations as determined by family size. For more information and to find out if you qualify, please contact our leasing office.

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Sorry! Floorplans not available
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Our affordable apartment program offers quality apartments in convenient locations for reasonable monthly rents. Monthly rents are based on family size and maximum income limitations set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for each metropolitan statistical area. These apartments are set aside for households earning no more than fifty or sixty percent of the median income. You will be asked, and are required, to complete forms that request your income level, family size, student status, and financial assets. These factors determine your eligibility. Each year, you must recertify your income and family size before being offered any extension or renewal of your lease. Our management teams will be more than happy to help you by providing the necessary forms and assisting you with the application process. To qualify, your total combined income must be less than that in the Published Incomes chart. *Maximum incomes are subject to change. Minimum income restrictions also apply.​

family size minimum yearly income maximum yearly income
1 $0 45,900
2 $0 52,440
3 $0 58,980
4 $0 65,520
5 $0 70,800
6 $0 76,020