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An award-winning developer of diverse multifamily product types, KETTLER's Development team creates unique spaces inspiring long-lasting memories.

Boutique Design, Expert Build

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We Develop Homes for Diverse Lifestyle

Named 2020 Largest Developer of the Year by the Washington Business Journal, KETTLER creates unique spaces that inspire long-lasting memories. We understand that the concept of home is a fundamentally unique and personal experience for our customers. KETTLER has experience with complex projects including infill, adaptive re-use, assemblage, and mixed-use, resulting in the development and/or acquisition/renovation of some of the most prestigious Class A, market-rate, and tax credit communities in the area. KETTLER provides complete project lifecycle management, from inception through stabilization and beyond. Designing unique living environments that speak to those engaging personalization needs is a key focus. We don't just create a home. We inspire it.‚Äč

High-rise building, also called high-rise, multistory concrete construction building tall enough to require the use of a system of mechanical vertical transportation such as elevators.

Mid-rise construction is generally considered to be any construction project from 5-7 stories. Due to their relatively moderate height, these buildings are often wood frame over concrete podium, with structured parking. They tend to stand alone with one purpose: from office spaces to residential properties, mid-rise construction is extremely versatile.

Garden Style construction tends to be 4-5 stories in separate buildings, inclusive of surface parking.

A collection of individual home units and common areas along with the land upon which they sit.

Providing improvements such as interior and exterior, in addition to inefficiencies and capital structure issues.

Characterized as pedestrian-friendly development that blends two or more residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and/or industrial uses.