The KETTLER Vendor Portal
Vendor Requirements

Vendors interested in becoming approved with KETTLER must be approved in VendorShield and submit all invoices electronically through Vendorcafe.  At this time new vendors are not being accepted for the following categories:  Appliance Sales; Maintenance Supplies; Office Supplies; Coffee & Filtered Water; Utility Services, Uniform Services; Waste Services, Resident and Employee Screening and Payroll Services.

Becoming a Vendor

What you should know

Any vendor performing work or services on a KETTLER property must successfully complete the vendor qualification and management process and become approved. Vendors are not authorized to perform any work at any KETTLER location unless fully approved.

Vendors will be required to:

  • Register and remain compliant in Yardi VendorShield. 
  • Pay the annual non-refundable registration fee.
  • Pass various background/business checks
  • Government Watch Lists
  • W-9 Confirmation with the IRS
  • Provide proof of insurance meeting KETTLER insurance requirements
  • Provide applicable professional licenses.
  • Register and submit ALL invoices electronically through Yardi Vendorcafe.

Becoming an approved vendor is a three-step process:

  • Basic Qualification – complete and submit the Vendor Registration Form, the Procurement & Contract Management team will review your submission and determine if additional vendor support for your category is needed.
  • Registration for VendorShield – an invitation to Yardi VendorShield will be issued.  Accept the invitation, complete all required information and pay the registration fee. 
  • Registration for Vendorcafe – once approved, an invitation to join Yardi Vendorcafe will be issued.  This is a no cost portal where vendors submit and track invoices
Vendor Application
W-9 Form
Vendor Application
Vendor FAQ's
  • Do I have to Register with VendorShield?

    Yes, any vendor performing work on a KETTLER project or property must qualify and be approved through Yardi VendorShield.

  • How much does it cost to register with VendorShield?

    The annual cost of VendorShield is $110.00. VendorShield searches government watch lists, national and location business verification and credentialing data, and serves as the collection and audit point for insurance data and compliance.

  • Am I required to submit invoices electronically through Yardi VendorCafe?

    Yes, submission of electric invoice through the VendorCafe portal is a requirement of all KETTLER vendors.

  • What is VendorCafe?

    VendorCafe benefits to Vendor:

    • Provides cost-efficient, secure and effective ways to process and manage business with KETTLER online
    • Includes real-time information on all aspects of business, including compliance status and invoice management
    • Eliminates printing of paper invoices, postage costs and time spent correcting errors.
    • Provides real-time invoice and payment transparency. 
    • Office a mobile solution without the need for an app, works on tablets and smartphones.
    • Efficiently transfers address, contact, email address information to KETTLER vendor and accounting systems.